Warlock of Waterdeep

Name Level Class Race Deity
Malik 5/1 Warlock/Sorcerer Fire Lord Half-Elf Mask
Attack and Damage
Eldritch Blast +7 vs AC 1d10+4
Shocking Grasp +7 vs AC 1d8
Arcana +3
Deception +7
Intimidation +7
Perception +3
Stealth +6
Survival +3
AC: 18 Initiative: +2 Speed: 30 ft
HP: 54 Passive Perception: 13 Proficiency +3
Str: 8 (-1) Dex: 14 (+2) Con: 16 (+3)
Wis: 10 (0) Int:10 (0) Cha: 18 (+3)
Proficient in Wisdom and Charisma Saves

Malik does not remember his father. This would not have troubled him overmuch, but his human mother had slowly fallen into drink, and the young half-elf far too resembled his patriarch to not cause his mother more distress. As a pity to both her and himself he moved out and began running with the urchin gangs which were found in every alley and back road in Waterdeep. With his slight build and obvious elven heritage, he was always an outsider even among the diverse youth gangs of the large city. His lack of physical and combat prowess showed itself early, and he had to develop his smooth tongue and natural quickness, along with a healthy dose of caution, to avoid getting in situations where his fists would be of little use.

While acting as a lookout for a larger outfits hit on a warlock, the attack went south, and many of the attacking gang were killed. Malik was cut off and isolated from the band, and though he called to the gang leaders for help, he heard them laugh coarsely as they abandoned him, already planning how to spend his share of the take.

As he morosely stared into the quickening flames around him and contemplated how he had nowhere left to fall, a face appeared in the flames … and the flames spoke in response to his unspoken thought. “…Perhaps falling further….is exactly what you need…”

So begins the tale of the Warlock Malik


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