Magic Sword

A mysterious Elven sword...

weapon (melee)

The sword is clearly of Elven origin – or at least the design is meant to mimic the Elven style. The grip is ornate, made of some dark wood and gilded with hardened gold. It is curved slightly as well, to make the blade more reactive to simple wrist movements (as opposed to whole body slashes). The pommel is set with a a cloudy blue gem that no one seems to be able to identify.

The blade itself curves as well, bending back opposite the hilt, giving it a tremendous cutting surface. The blade appears to be forged from some dark metal that resembles adamantine, but is not nearly as heavy.

The sword acts as a short sword in most situations, except that it can do slashing or piercing damage as the wielder requires. It grants an attuned wielder +1 piercing or slashing damage. Additionally the wielder may add 2d8 damage to all critical hits.


Little is known about this magic sword. It was clearly crafted by a master artisan, and those who examine it can attest to the power of the magic that is contained within it. However for all that it seems just to be a well-balanced sword.

Magic Sword

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