Bracers of Abraham

Any of you want to try it? Come on, and whet your horns...


These bracers are simple, made of brown leather. They have no intricate designs, nor any singular motif. The only thing that stands out is a small nodule of aragonite at the top of each bracer.

These bracers provide an attuned wearer a +1 bonus to Strength saving throws and to Wisdom (Insight) checks.


Better known for his skills as a statesman, Abraham Sionilli was a skilled wrestler in his youth. It is told that, while working in the frontier town of Clary’s Grove he once confronted a gang of n’er do wells and single-handedly (and unarmed) delivered a solid beating all of the,. As he aged he wrestled less and less – preferring civil discourse to violence – but he commissioned a set of bracers to keep his skills sharp.

Bracers of Abraham

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