Amulet of Aoth

An enchanted amulet


Aside from it’s magical qualities, the Amulet of Aoth is a masterwork piece of jewelry. A small onyx crystal rests inside intertwined strands of silver. It comes attached to a chain forged from platinum with strands of bright mithril and dark adamantine woven in.

The amulet is a small font of pure magic, and an attuned spell caster can use it to manipulate their own magic in a manner not dissimilar to sorcerers. The font contains three spell points, and can be used either to cast one first level spell (for two points), one second level spell (for three points) or use it to fuel the Empowered Spell metamagic (for one point) or the Quickened Spell metamagic (for two points). It regains all it charges at dawn every day.


Aoth was a war wizard, a contemporary of Vanderghast and loyal servant of the Obarskyr line. He was in Tilverton when the city was utterly destroyed, however for some reason his magical amulet – which had been gifted to him by the Steel Regent Alusair Obarskyr – survived the destruction

Amulet of Aoth

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