Siero Varath

Noble Adventurer





Personality Ratings:

Temper (0=calm, 10=constantly enraged)
6; While normally quite cheerful and carefree, he will not abide an insult to himself, his family, or his friends.

Cheerfulness (0=Marvin the Robot, 10=everything is awesome!)
8; Eternally positive, seeks the good in every situation

Courtesy (0=crude and vulgar, 10=Miss Manners)
8; His upbringing has ingrained manners and proper etiquette (which does tend to slip a little if he has had too much to drink)

Curiosity (0=uninterested in everything, 10=the proverbial cat)
7; Smart enough to realized that danger could potentially lurk around every corner, but adventure is the goal … so lets turn that corner anyway!

Forgiveness (0=revenge is a dish best server 50 years later, 10=you never run out of cheeks to turn)
5; Will not easily forget an affront.

Generosity (0=it’s all mine, 10=what’s mine is yours)
10; Coming from an affluent family, he has no aspiration to hoard wealth, he already has enough to comfortably retire should he so choose.

Helpfulness (0=this comment, 10=you always have time to help old ladies across the street)
10; He sees himself as every inch the hero and a hero always helps if they can.

Honesty (0=Richard Nixon, 10=George Washington)
6; Will not needlessly lie, but knows that “white lies” often keep the peace, and deception is often necessary to achieve the greater good.

Loyalty (0=I’m the “I” in team, 10=semper fidelis)
8; Family and friends are sacred, he would not knowingly betray them … but family does come above all else.

Optimism (0=the glass is empty because its broken on the floor, 10=but now I have shards of glass to use in my new mosaic)
10; Every negative turn in life is just another opportunity to be heroic!

Patience (0=my 5 year old daughter, 10=you guys for dealing with my silly jokes)
4; Has limited appetite for tedium when more exiting things await!

Valor (0=but that house cat might kill me, 10=charges the dragon headlong at level 1)
10; There has to be someone bold enough to draw the first blade and charge, that’s the name that gets remember, that’s the guy of whom stories are told. That guy is me!

Wit (0=these jokes, 10=your favorite comedian)
8; A clever turn of phrase or subtle pun can turn the tide of a tense negotiation. Has little time for low-brow humor though.

Siero Varath

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